10Led Inside Auto Car Solar Powered LED Flashing Car Shark Fin Warning Tail Lights With Controller Universal Aerial Antenna BJ

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non apre la disputa senza comunicazione con noi. se eventuali problemi appaiono, si prega di contattarci e noi faremo del nostro meglio per risolvere il vostro problema. 10Led Inside Auto Car Solar powered LED Flashing Car Shark Fin Warning Tail Lights with Controller Universal Aerial Antenna
We have Red/Black/Gray/Golden/White/Sliver/Blue shell color,remark in the order when you buy or we will deliver any one.
Product Name : solar shark fin anti collision warning lamp - universal remote control lamp ten
Shell: senior paint
Light color: 10 LED light, a total of 10 flashing modes
Product size: 7x6x15cm
Gross weight: 110G
Net weight: 80G
Packing quantity: 1 / box
Applicable models: all models
1, please check the product, if there is no problem to install.
2, the product is through the photoswitching and vibration sensors, under the light is dark and the vibration environment by flashing, in the light is automatically extinguished (or in the stationary state after two minutes will self extinguish).
Please check the product in a dark place and see if vibration without blinking, flashing may protect the chip. Put the tail in the sun or light for a moment and then do the test.
3, double-sided adhesive effect is strong, please one-time stick good, can not be torn off;
Solar anti collision warning lamp of shark fin strobe lamp remote control switch with seven eighty general models
Special note: LED lights flashing Condition
Light dark (night) + car stops — — LED lights do not flash
Light intensity (Bai Tian) + car driving — — LED lights do not flash
The light is weak (in the evening or in the tunnel) + car driving — — LED lights flashing
Production line:
Solar energy anti collision warning lamp is a new type of automotive products, the products installed on the top of the automotive vehicle, not the original car to make any changes. Through the absorption of light energy driving high power LED lights, flashing in the darker ambient light, to prevent car in poor sight environment occurred in rear end accident. The product will become the standard configuration of the car factory in the future with high brake lights
Product features:
1, light energy charge, the product uses the high efficiency solar energy board, absorbs the intense sunlight 3 hours or the rainy weather 8 hours to be able to use normally 3-5 day, absorbs the intense sunlight 15 hours to be able to use the 15-20 day.
2, built-in lithium battery, the product uses the A product big capacity lithium battery, the durable.
3, without wires, you only need to tear apart the bottom glue products on the roof, put things right once and for all.
4, the brightness of the light near the tail light, LED lamp is by customized Taiwan 15x15 square piece of wick, high brightness, good stability, 2 star blue warning lamp + 2 pieces of white light storm Flash + 2 pieces of red alerts, traffic has a good warning effect.
5, shell paint, the original car with color paint, basic on dedicated car, the surface of the product have a high degree of finish, and the original car paint corrosion and aging resistance.
6, the vehicle warning function automatically open, with a high sensitivity vibration sensor and photosensitive system, in the light of the traffic light is relatively dark environment.
7, intelligent system down, line by 14 feet microcontroller, double loop control, within a time delay closing system, in red light stop and process continue to blink, parking or body without vibration after 60 seconds automatically shut down
8, one type of molding design, waterproof performance is good, not in the rain or when the car wash.
Using method:
1 installation position: it is recommended to install the product in the rear box and the body on both sides, the solar panel can easily absorb sunlight, and to remind the car to pay attention to the distance
2 surface cleaning: the paste surface must be kept absolutely clean and dry.
3 product paste: the product must be placed in front of the product to be installed to adjust the location of the product installation, determine the location of the product installation, and then tear off protective film paste. The best roast hairdryer double-sided adhesive. The operation should avoid finger contact with the glue, paste products to be beat, to ensure the full contact of the rubber surface.
4 can not immediately after a good car wash or high speed, at least two days, no contact with the water and the larger dust can achieve the best adhesion.
Note: double-sided adhesive paste effect is strong, please one-time stick, can not tear off and then paste.
1.Above Delivery Date Is Only For Reference, Sometimes Will Be Delayed By Holidays, Festivals, Bad Weather, Customs, Etc.
2. Post Air Mail To Eastern-European Countries, South-American Countries May Take Longer Than 60 Days.
3. Express Usually Has Customs Tax Issues, In That Case, Please Cooperate With Customs To Pay Tax.
If Any Question, Please Feel Free To Contact Us. Thank You!
All items will be shipped to worldwide.
All items will be shipped within 1 ~4 working days (excluding Saturday, Sunday & Holiday) after your payment is received and cleared.
All items will be shipped to your order address , so please make sure to provide us with the correct, precise, detailed shipping address.
Customs duty is obligation and liability of a citizen in your country, so the buyer should be responsible for any tax and custom duty incurred.

  • Emissione del colore: Sliver case RGB, Red case RGB, Black case RGB light, Gray case RGB light, Blue case RGB light, Golden case RGB, White case RGB
  • Nome del Modello: LED Flashing
  • Tipo dell'articolo: Montaggio Luce Della coda
  • Tipo materiale: PVC
  • Peso Elemento: 0.15kg
  • Diametro Elemento: 6.5cm
  • Per marche di veicoli/modello: BMW
  • Certificazione Test Esterno: CE
  • Dispositivi speciali: Warning light
  • Marca: LEADTOPS

  • Tipo unità: parte
  • Peso del collo: 0.1kg (0.22lb.)
  • Dimensioni del collo: 16cm x 10cm x 10cm (6.30in x 3.94in x 3.94in)

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